Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Hey everyone, sorry this is being posted so late in the day.

Throwback to when I was 14 years old! Fun fact, I haven't really grown much since...other than a bit pudgier....and my face really hasn't changed that much. Fun facts about this picture:

  1. This was taken at a Job's Daughters sleep over with my bethel in the lodge we meet at.
  2. That lodge is really creepy with all the lights out, so whenever we do a sleep over we always keep the "accent" lights on
  3. This was right after I got my hair dyed professionally for the first...and only, time ever.
  4. The black/blonde hair girl right behind me is my friend Katie
  5. I cannot remember who is sitting in the chair, but the person in front of it is named Allison
  6. I remember that night Allison wasn't feeling good because of medication
  7. Me and my friend Alyssa always used to sleep next to each other at sleep overs (as you can see by the picture of us sleeping below)
  8. The adults for some reason always loved taking funny pictures of us sleeping...
  9. We always acted like idiots at sleepovers and dancing like lunatics while blaring 'Nsync and Backstreet Boys
  10. I still hang out and keep in touch with a not of the people there that night
And here is the sleeping picture:

I hope you guys enjoyed this throwback thursday! Let me know in the comments.

Have an awesome weekend <3 Kimmie