You know that random voice that pops in your head? Or the craziness that happened over lunch? Or the imaginary friend you talk to when you are board? This blog is kind of like my imaginary friend. I am able to just write about anything that comes to mind and talk as though I am talking to a friend.

I've noticed that we all go from day to day not usually thinking much about wheat we do in life as it has all become just a routine to us. Get up, go to work or school, check off a to do list, go to sleep then start it all over again. And writing this blog basically serves as my way of breaking away from the mundane and cycles we fall into. My way of discussing the insanity and randomness that happens in life that people sometimes overlook.

I am a fairly amateur bloggert. I started out with a Tumblr and to be honest it's pretty much just the typical "reblog pictures" type of blog and I got really board of it because I felt like I wasn’t doing anything really interesting or relevant or just plain anything besides reblogging other peoples posts. I felt like this cat when I was “blogging.” (Essentially it was just a "recycle" blog.) I wanted to create something more meaningful, so I took advantage of the fact that I had this blog through my Gmail account.

I like to write about all the crazy shenanigans that happen in my life as a working, full time college student (believe me it is pretty hard to balance) as well as the insanity of being growing up and learning how to adult. I also write a College Survival Guide full of helpful tips and hints for those of you who, like me, are doing their best to survive college. Plus, I love writing about makeup, I have an addiction, as well as reviews on the movies I watch and books I read. Hope you enjoy!

Side note: I tend to write really casually and kind of like I am speaking and sometime I will ramble, and in the words of Jeff Foxworthy, my “mind is like a lazy Susan, just wait for a moment and it will come back around.”

When it comes to this blog or just who I am in general, I will never promise to be perfect because I know that that is impossible and frankly it seems overrated. But, I just wanted to put myself out there and try my hand at blogging. So I hope you will come along for a ride on the crazy train with me! Cue Ozzy Osborn singing……
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