Saturday, January 25, 2014

Updated: Who am I and why am I here?

Hi everyone! So I am participating in the "Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog" challenge, I guess you could say challenge, through The Daily Post blog. I already did a "Who am I" post which I will link here and I just wanted to update it now that I am blogging more consistently and making a goal to do so. So I've got some basic questions to answer just to give you guys a better perspective.

First off, who am I? Well, my full name is Kimberly Elise Clark. I was born June 11, 1995. I am a college student double majoring in psychology and business. Life is kind of complex. I am working and am basically financially independent, going to school full time, and dealing with a hectic home life. Sounds like tons of fun right? Long story short, life is crazy and there are lots of hardships I've had to face throughout my life. On the bright side I have learned a lot and grown as a person.

Why did I start blogging rather than keep a diary? Honestly, I've tried keeping a diary before and I would always just forget or never be sure what to write and I would always just stop writing shortly after I started. When it comes to blogging, I love to write and I can just write about so many random things and to me it is kind of like I am writing to a virtual best friend. That way whoever reads my blog feels like my friend and can get to know me better verses some sterile and boring post.

What should you expect from this blog? One word: RANDOMNESS!!!!! Hahaha. As I touched on above, my life is constant chaos and this blog is basically a "come along with me" in my crazy life. I write about how to survive college, crazy things that happen in day to day life, growing up, and some other misc stuff along the way. Essentially, I want to share the journey I am embarking on and I hope you guys come along with me for the ride!

If I blog successfully throughout 2014, what would I have accomplished? Well, I started this blog about 2 years ago and I would never really call it successful. It was more of me writing an occasional post here and there when I remembered. But by doing this I would feel like I somewhat broke my bad habit of not being able to follow through. (A horrible trait I adopted from certain people I shall not name). However, overall, I just want to create an interesting a fun blog for those of you out there in the blogsphere and be able to create new friends and just be able to do something fun and maybe brighten someone else's day.

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