Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Beach, the Sun and the Sunburn

 Yesterday I got to go down to San Diego for SCJ League vs. League beach vollyball at Encinitas beach. I do have to say the first half of the driving was very entertaining! Making funny faces at eachother, trying out each persons music and cracking jokes is always fun.

This is me and my friend Elisha (a.k.a Ramona because of her hair + Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) we got crammed into the back of my mustang and pretty much were just chilling and sharing my blanket because the back seat tends to get very chilly!

I was just being silly and taking pictures of everyone in the car, Johnny driving and Benji sitting in the passenger seat.

However, the second half of the drive down did happen to be everyone but Johnny falling asleep! haha it was definetly a good nap!

When we finally got down to the beach, it was absolutely beautiful! The sand, while incredibly hot, was really soft but still dense l

Monday, July 1, 2013

Working at Northrop!

I have to say I am super excited because I just had my first day back at Northrop! I am now, a full time paid intern! Looks like I'm moving up in the world people's! 

The nine hour work days are gonna take some getting used to but I think I can do it :) besides my bosses are hilarious and I have a bunch of great co-workers.

I will be working as a full time adult person thingy until August 15th when I move into college the next day. So unfortunatly not much of a summer for me :/ but oh well, gotta pay for college some how!

Looking forward to some super exciting weeks of working hard and being able to actually pay for myself!