Thursday, December 6, 2012


OMG!!!!! Mind is officially blown. My friend recently introduced me to a band named Sleeping With Sirens. And I fell in love with the lead singer's voice. But today, I was taken aback by the fact that the lead singer is actually a GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is Kellin Quinn and I must admit, he is rather gorgeous but I would never expect that voice to come out of him (watch the video below and you'll see what I mean!)

Now I expect you guys to be like "Seriously Kim, you're over reacting, he probably doesn't sound that much like a girl." but he does! This is the music video to one of my favorite songs called "If I'm James Dean, Then You're Audrey Hepburn" and your mind will be blown as well, I  promise!

I hope I've blown a couple peoples minds, have a wonderful day and don't forget to add some crazy!

Throwback Thursday!!!!!!

So just to keep this blog fun and interesting I have decided to start doing THROWBACK THURSDAY!!!! Woohoo! I'm excited for all the goofyness and fun photos. You ready for the first?....You sure you ready?

So yup that's me when I was about five years old! I was in the breakfast area of the El Segundo Embassy Sweets because whenever my grandparents for Kentucky would come visit they would always stay at "bessy suits" as we called it. It was so much fun! I always remember eating gold fish crackers out of the little paper lid that they would put over the glass cups in the hotel room and playing in the pool. Which is what the photo below this is. 

That is me with the bright orange floaties :) I honestly think I learned a majority of how to swim in that pool. I always looked forward to seeing my grandparents for that week along with my cousins who live out in Riverside. 

It really is true what they say, no matter how old you get, you never forget the things that shaped and made your childhood amazing and wonderful :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend of fun

Well this weekend was another crazy fun filled weekend! On Friday I went to go see Hotel Transylvania with my sister and "brother." It was so funny and it's not just a kids movie. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh! Adam Sandler as Dracula! Enough said!
Saturday began the marathon of DeMolay events, DeMolay is a youth group for boys 12-21 but there are also girl representatives which is what I am. First in the morning I went to my league's soccer event, which unfortunately only about five people showed up to... But never the less we had a lot of fun and I again realized why I don't play sports. Could it be because I have no coordination, am totally out of shape or maybe I just stink! Who knows haha. But after the epic soccer tournament, my mom drove me and my friend Milo out to Redlands for their chapter's installation of officers. (Chapters are like troops and installations are when the officers get officially installed into their offices.) 
Then afterwards we all drove to Anaheim for their installation. And let me say: wow! There were so many people there! This kid's family was well connected because the pageant girls, city council members and even the mayor was there! And not to mention, a news crew! Afterwards there was a dance and the DJ had intense speakers and bass and it was so much fun! By the time I got home I crashed and slept until almost noon on Sunday!
To end the weekend on Sunday evening my sister and I drove out to Marina Del Ray and got to witness our God brother Erick's final wish come true. His ashes were shot off in a beautiful fireworks show while serenaded by a recording of him singing Fly Away. A group of his closest friends had been working diligently to raise funds for this, it was so incredible and I am so happy that we got to give him something that he never thought that he would be able to have. He definitely went out with a bang. RIP Erick. Love you!

Thanksgiving Break!

As we all know, Thanksgiving is only two days away! It's so crazy that it came this fast! Honestly, I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's not commercialized like Christmas. I know I refuse to listen to Christmas music or watch the movies before Thanksgiving, it really makes me mad that this amazing holiday is always just brushed aside! It's just a day where you take the time to be with your loved ones and to truly be thankful for everything you have in your life. It's easy to criticize and complain that you don't have everything you want in life, but it is far more difficult to realize that you have so much more then you actually think and that you should be grateful for everything that you do have. Gratitude is the most powerful force on the planet, but it is not a power that everyone knows how to wield. So, my challenge for each and everyone of you is to write a list everyday of 10 things you are grateful for having and to say thank you for each of them. 
Well, all touchy feelly aside, I hope you all have an amazing holiday and enjoy eating a lot! Because I know I will!!! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Senior Photos!!!!!!

This Saturday my amazing friend Mi-Lo was kind enough to spend about three hours running around with me taking close to 900 photos!!! It was so much fun and I felt amazing! It was like I was some famous model version of me. But the best part was where I just got to be silly. The photos came out absolutely amazing and I am so thankful that I have a friend that was willing to let me do this an feel beautiful and special. It was so much fun!!! I will post a link to my album of my favorites if you guys want to take a look :)  Click for awesomeness

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day is upon us!!!

After months and months of endless campaigning, speeches, debates, propaganda and Facebook rants, it's finally here! Election day 2012 and the decisions that will decide our new president and the future of America. Are you voting today?

Monday, November 5, 2012


My dad and sister forwarded these photos to me in an email a while ago but I just found it again and couldn't stop laughing! I hope this makes someone smile or bust up laughing!

WarningSome content is not appropriate for children, or children over 80.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Just an update :)

     Hey everyone, I just felt that my blog needed some updating because I don't always know what to post that is exciting or scintillating because honestly, my life isn't really that exciting. So there will be random updates like this one!
     This past Sunday, Oct. 28th my sister and friend Ashley hatched a plot and surprised my by taking me to Knott's Scary Farm to make up for the fact that I was unable to go to the concert that was my birthday present. We drove down, partying and rocking out to some awesome music. Then as we drew closer to our destination my sister blindfolded me. Her and Ashley helped me to walk all the way from the parking lot to the front gate completely blind. Once we reached the front they let me go and I could hear them laughing and I just assumed it was from the odd looks I was receiving. But then I heard a voice behind me say "you can take the blindfold off now." I was confused as I pulled down the scarf around my eyes and turned around. There behind me was my friend Sean. I couldn't help but squeal and hug him.
     The rest of the night was so much fun! I made Sean go on supreme scream and pony express with me (unfortunately all the other lines for rides were way to long!) We went through a bunch of mazes and I got scared a lot considering that I'm a really big chicken when it comes to things popping out at me; then we got to watch the hanging which was absolutely hysterical and over the top for the 40th anniversary of Knott's Scary Farm. They made fun of absolutely everyone and everything from Batman to One Direction to the presidential candidates and in the end Robert Patterson hung Kristen Stewart as Snow White. All in all it was an amazing night and the first time I've celebrated my birthday in October!
     Well that's really just what I wanted to share, it's something that made me really happy and showed me how awesome my friends are. Another example of which is that tomorrow my friend Milo is doing my senior photos completely free! (Well sort of, I'm paying him in food haha) I'm super excited and will be sure to post a link to the photos so you guys can see his awesome photography, and if you wanna see me and what I look like that's gonna be there too lol. I hope you all have a wonderful day and will be writing soon!

"Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you haven't really learned anything." -Muhammad Ali
"Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold; the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul." -Democritus

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 the truth about blogging..... the truth about blogging.....: most some days I feel like my life is pretty boring... I don't go to fancy parties, I don't go shopping everyday, I don't go have lunch ...

Revaluations! Be yourself and don't ever change for someone else!

Everyone has those days where they wonder and question “Who am I? Where do I fit in? What is my purpose here?” And unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Everyone faces challenges and trials that they must overcome. Everyone will encounter those who claim to be friends but have two faces or only call you their friend when it benefits them. It breaks my heart that I have been losing friends recently, but in the end I guess it is what best because if they are willing to hurt and only use me as a puppet then they aren't really a friend. Everyone deserves to be happy and I have finally come to realize that I shouldn't have to sacrifice my happiness to keep everyone else around me satisfied. It’s like every time I was offering myself up on a silver platter to do their bidding all the while hiding how I really feel because I was too afraid that they wouldn't like me.
So I have come to a realization, one that has taken me my entire life to reach. I am no one's puppet and I refuse to continue to apologize for who I am and the way I feel. I have finally decided that it is ok for me to say no to others and actually put my feelings first. Because I have feelings and beliefs and opinions of my own and ones that should actually matter to those who actually care about me. And just because I am finally standing up for the way I feel does not make me “a selfish bitch.” (Yes that is an actual quote of what I was told the first instance when I stood up for myself.) Yes, I may have a flirtatious personality, and it’s something I don’t always have in check. While I am trying my hardest to be mindful of it, it is my personality and it doesn't exactly have an off switch. Just because someone is going to tell me that they think I am a “boyfriend stealing slut” just because I make friends easily and can be clingy does not make it true. So I will wait for someone who will actually take the time to understand my personality and not constantly try and change me. I am not going to hide or change who I am because it is an inconvenience to someone else. I am an actual human being, not just a thing to be used for someone else’s needs.
So I did not simply post this to rant about my moment of self revelation. I wrote this because of the fact that it took me a really long to finally do this and hopefully I will inspire someone else to do the same. You are an individual and you matter. You should never belittle yourself or feel that you have to change yourself to have to please others. It is completely alright to sometimes be selfish and have bad days and want to scream at the top of your lungs just to feel better. You should never have to hide your feelings because someone made you feel that your feelings aren't as important as someone else’s. So be selfish and put yourself first every now and again and don’t continue to put up with fake friends who only want to use and not return your friendship.
I hope that this encouraged or inspired someone out there! And for a little extra motivation here are some awesome quotes! (I will be posting inspiring and motivational quotes on my blog from time to time to help people through the day and remind you that you are special!)
“Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”
― Bernard M. Baruch
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who am I?

Who am I?
My name is Kimberly Elise Clark.
I was born June 11, 1995. I am in high school, insane, I love my wackyness and I'm a certified overachiever. I'm different and proud of it. I love DeMolay and the boys who make up SCJ (Ahoo, Ahoo, Ahoo!!!) Jobie for life, IOJD forever.
Things may not always go my way but I will always be thankful for what I have, gratitude is the magic in life. Even when things got difficult, I would be the biggest, stubbornest, determined pain in the ass ever! I would prove that I am strong and nothing and no one can break me down. So that’s where I am now. Still strong and still fighting for that strength, and most importantly, my place in this world. I decided that I would prove the everyone who doubted me wrong.