Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend of fun

Well this weekend was another crazy fun filled weekend! On Friday I went to go see Hotel Transylvania with my sister and "brother." It was so funny and it's not just a kids movie. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh! Adam Sandler as Dracula! Enough said!
Saturday began the marathon of DeMolay events, DeMolay is a youth group for boys 12-21 but there are also girl representatives which is what I am. First in the morning I went to my league's soccer event, which unfortunately only about five people showed up to... But never the less we had a lot of fun and I again realized why I don't play sports. Could it be because I have no coordination, am totally out of shape or maybe I just stink! Who knows haha. But after the epic soccer tournament, my mom drove me and my friend Milo out to Redlands for their chapter's installation of officers. (Chapters are like troops and installations are when the officers get officially installed into their offices.) 
Then afterwards we all drove to Anaheim for their installation. And let me say: wow! There were so many people there! This kid's family was well connected because the pageant girls, city council members and even the mayor was there! And not to mention, a news crew! Afterwards there was a dance and the DJ had intense speakers and bass and it was so much fun! By the time I got home I crashed and slept until almost noon on Sunday!
To end the weekend on Sunday evening my sister and I drove out to Marina Del Ray and got to witness our God brother Erick's final wish come true. His ashes were shot off in a beautiful fireworks show while serenaded by a recording of him singing Fly Away. A group of his closest friends had been working diligently to raise funds for this, it was so incredible and I am so happy that we got to give him something that he never thought that he would be able to have. He definitely went out with a bang. RIP Erick. Love you!