Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Break!

As we all know, Thanksgiving is only two days away! It's so crazy that it came this fast! Honestly, I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's not commercialized like Christmas. I know I refuse to listen to Christmas music or watch the movies before Thanksgiving, it really makes me mad that this amazing holiday is always just brushed aside! It's just a day where you take the time to be with your loved ones and to truly be thankful for everything you have in your life. It's easy to criticize and complain that you don't have everything you want in life, but it is far more difficult to realize that you have so much more then you actually think and that you should be grateful for everything that you do have. Gratitude is the most powerful force on the planet, but it is not a power that everyone knows how to wield. So, my challenge for each and everyone of you is to write a list everyday of 10 things you are grateful for having and to say thank you for each of them. 
Well, all touchy feelly aside, I hope you all have an amazing holiday and enjoy eating a lot! Because I know I will!!!