Monday, December 30, 2013

A "Kimmie-Life" Update!

Hi internet peoples! Just wanted to update you all on the crazy changes that have been happening recently in my life.

So as you may know I was attending a 4-year private university and paying for it basically on my own. However, it got to the point where I couldn't afford $400/a month payments with out a job or a car to get to a job. So, I made the decision to transfer back to my local community college because I can go to school for a fraction of the cost ($43,000/a year vs. aprox $1,000/a semester!) and I had a stable job at Northrop Grumman that I love and can put money away towards transferring back to a four year. 

Honestly, the hardest part about making this decision, despite everything weighing in the favor of moving home, was that so many people I know got caught in the "community college trap" and personally my sister has been at this college for 5 years! Also, for so long I have been wanting to get away from my home life and basically start over and be able to control my own life on my own, and I was clinging to that like crazy because I felt like I had finally gotten out and I desperately didn't want to go back. I had this whole plan in my head of what was going to happen in my life and what I was going to do and from the moment I started having to transition into college believe me that NOTHING went according to that plan. But I learned something very important through all of this: sometimes what is best for us isn't always what we want and we have to learn to accept this and "roll with the punches" and curves thrown at us in life. More times that not in life you are going to have to do something you may not neccessarily want to or is not what you want to do in order to do what is best for you and best for your future. And whether we like it or not life doesn't follow the plan we make for ourselves, it is our job to make the best out of what we are given and work our tails off in order to make a life worth living. Remember make every day worth living! Sending big hugs from my computer screen to yours!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Summary

Hey all! I am sorry I haven't been updating recently, what with finals and essays galore I have barely had any time what so ever! I hope you all had amazing Thanksgiving breaks and yummy food comas!

For this Thanksgiving I was fortunate enough to get to go up to Nor Cal to spend Thanksgiving with my dad. The bus ride up to there was really long and boring (9 hours!!!) but the week itself was so much fun. They have 3 dogs: Saki, Mika and Max and they are so hyper and loving and always there to play with. And on top of that my dad's girlfriend's kids are really awesome and I got along great with them. (However, I didn't get to meet the two boys until the day after Thanksgiving because they were with their dad).

On Thanksgiving day we ate dinner rather early and had more of a Thanksgiving lunch so that way we could celebrate with my "somewhat step sister" before she went to Thanksgiving dinner with her boyfriend's family. We spent the rest of that day enjoying each other's company and watching funny movies and YouTube videos(and I was able to call Johnny that evening because he was back at home!)

But what most people forget is that Thanksgiving and Christmas are about more than eating a lot and getting presents. It is about being with those you love and being able to be thankful for everything around you. If you truly look at your life how thankful are you on a daily basis? Most don't want to admit that we really aren't that thankful. So especially around this time of year make sure to be super grateful for everything in your life because you always have to remember that their is someone out there who doesn't have what you do and could be wishing they did right this moment. So be thankful for everything you have and make sure to let your family know how much you love them because the Holidays only come once a year! Happy Holidays and big hugs from my computer screen to yours!