Hey everyone, so I’m gonna get the basic info out of the way first. So, Hi! My name is Kimberly Clark.

I was born June 11 at Torrance Memorial Hospital in California. I am a full-time college student while working two jobs. I'm kinda insane and love my wacky friends and I'm a self proclaimed overachiever. I'm strange and different and proud of it.

So now you guys have a better perspective of my blog and what you are getting yourself into, I want to tell you guys a little bit about me so you can get to know me. I used to have a list of facts about me but I decided to turn it from “a shopping list” to a “menu” just so it wouldn’t look tacky with a bulleted list. So let’s get started!

So you can get a better perspective of me, here are some things that I like, love and hate. My drugs of choice: I love to read and write! When I was in elementary school and middle school I would always have a minimum of two books in my backpack. I was never the kid who got in trouble for having my phone out, but I used to hide my book inside my textbooks. Plus I love Anime/Manga and I love Inuyasha, Bloody Kiss and Tale of the Moon and all time favorite, SAILOR MOON!!!! Then, when it comes to writing I love writing poetry and just really random scenes that come to mind.

Another two of my DOC’s are music and gaming! Music absolutely saves my life sometimes. It keeps me sane and lets me escape from my head and all the chaos that fills it up 99% of the time. I just got introduced to gaming from my boyfriend. I love indie games and I enjoy it because you can scream at characters for hitting your character!

Just to list a few other things: The Masonic Family is a big part of my life. (I am thoroughly involved in two of the youth orders: The International Order of Job’sDaughters and DeMolay.) Yes I still own stuffed animals at the age of 18. But hey, sometimes we all need someone to cuddle with when we sleep. Many like to get kissed in the rain I prefer to dance in it! I love the rain and I find it peaceful, beautiful, and absolutely enthralling and enchanting. Being with my friends! (I have no idea where I would be without them!)

Some things I hate include: waking up early in the morning, a hatred in life although it is inevitable. Stress!!!!! (Need I say more?) Procrastination (Its evil knows no bounds!) People who believe that that they are better than everyone else! (Enough said.)

Overall, things may not always go my way but I will always be thankful for what I have, gratitude is the magic in life. Even when things get difficult, I would be the biggest, stubbornest, determined pain in the ass ever! I would prove that I am strong and nothing and no one can break me down. So that’s where I am now, still strong and still fighting for that strength, and most importantly, my place in this world. I decided that I would prove everyone who doubted me wrong.