So everyone has people who inspire them and are roll models and these are mine :)

This is my cousin Ursula (a.k.a. Lani) and she is such an amazing person. She is truly my role model because growing up she didn't have the easiest life and she never let it break her down, she just continues to make life brighter and she is just so animated and fun. She doesn't take crap from anyone and is the one who has taught me that in the end my happiness is what counts and that has to be my top priority rather that the last. I love her so much and she is more of a sister to me and even though she lives about five hours away I'm still happy that she is always just a phone call away, I can talk to her about anything. It means so much to have that kind of support and to have someone who knows what its like to be down in my corner. (She is also teaching me to stand up for myself and in the way of smart-assery lol)

Kandee is a famous YouTuber/Blogger/Make up artist and she inspires me because she is just always so fun and bubbly and happy and it's just incredible that she is able to always keep her spirits up and never let this world or anyone really bring her down. Her videos are always so fun and entertaining to watch if for no other reason than her personality. I know I don't personally know her but I love reading her blogs and watching her videos because I can connect with her and it makes me feel like I actually do know her. If I could thank her for anything it would just being herself and sharing it with the world.