Thursday, January 2, 2014


Hey everyone! I hope you all had an amazing new years! I got to spend it with my extended family (the Baileys) and I spent the night over at their house.

At first it was kind of boring to be honest with you and I was a little bit upset because my friend Matthew (the son of the house lol) basically he bailed on us and ditched to go hang out at another friends house after we had already discussed and made plans. >:P so meh, yeah that was a bit upsetting.

Other than that we watched a lot of movies and had fun just sitting around the fire place. It wasn't like a "rager" but it was very relaxed and just close, family setting.

So on, are you guys excited for the new year?

I can't believe that it is already 2014. This past year just went by so fast and a lot of amazing things happened as well: I started college, I bought a car, I got the most amazing job from applying on a whim, I made so many new friends, got to finish living out a dream I have had since I was 14, my boyfriend and I celebrated one year and I'm really excited that I got to reconnect with my dad. I am so happy to finally be making up for lost time and rebuilding my relationship with him.

Now, lets talk about new years resolutions! I know, you are probably thinking resolutions, smesolutions (lol I don't even know what I just typed!) those things last for about a month and then disappear into thin air.

Now, while this can be true for most, another thing that really counts is that you truly can do anything you set your mind to. Honestly, one of the main reasons that new years resolutions, or really any goals, fail is because we set these huge goals that we want to achieve then get so overwhelmed. Well luckily I have figured out how to change all that.

One thing that I learned is that just like walking up stairs to get to the next floor, you have to map out stepping stones to your goals. So take just a few minutes, sit down and map out a goal that you truly want to achieve and the steps of how to get there and you will find it is a lot easier to achieve a series of small goals rather that attempting to achieve one massive one.

My list is to do well in college, save up for school, be healthy and in shape because I want to be able to complete the Spartan Run Trifecta!

So what are you going to try to accomplish in this new year? Whatever it is just know that even when you feel down and like you want to give up, remember the list of reasons why you started in the first place, and even if you feel like no one believes in you and is supporting you know that I believe that you can do anything and that all of you out there are strong and amazing people! And in the words of one of my favorite internet guru's Kandee Johnson, as she says at the end of her videos, "you are more beautiful than you know, you are more talented than you even think and you are more loved than you could possibly imagine, even if it just from me!"

One of the best things I love about starting a new year is that you can make it a completely fresh start! Forget about the things that brought you down, mistakes you made or things that you regret. If you hang onto them all you are doing is dragging yourself down with unnecessary baggage. Make this year something special to you! Don't let yourself forget that while you can't decide how your life will play out you can decide how you will react to the things that happen in your life. React in a way that will build you up and make your life better, not worse!

I hope you all have a truly amazing year and achieve all that you set out to and have wonderful times that you will cherish!

Take care, sending big hugs from my computer screen to yours!