Friday, January 17, 2014

IMATS LA - Kandee Johnson's Class!

OMG!!! Today I got to go to a master class at IMATS LA to see Kandee Johnson's class on make up and it basics. She is so incredible and amazing! She is my hero and I can't believe I got to go to this class and meet her in person!!!

She shared so much wisdom and knowledge from her experience as a make up artist to help anyone else. We got to ask her a lot of fun questions and just things you don't get to on videos because we could have real time responses to every question. 

She was so sweet and so nice in person! My heart was beating so fast and I almost started crying at the fact that after years of following her on YouTube and on her blog I was actually in the same room as her and able to hug her!

She is a truly genuine person. I watched her give away one of her Imoshion purses to a girl with a heart condition who drove down just for her class. She is so incredibly kind, sweet and funny and I just cant describe how amazing this experience was!

I am so honored to have been able to meet her and I hope I might be able to keep in touch with her.
Love you Kandee!!!