Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What my Boyfriend Does Better than Me

Idea Bank #128: Describe something your spouse or partner does better than you.

This one really isn’t that hard to figure out for me. Johnny is really good on the computer. He programs and all that crazy stuff and is also good at gaming.

These two things he excels at. He does freelance coding as a side job and is pretty good. I have done a little bit of coding for work in the past but I had someone walking me through every step of the process and I forgot most of what I learned :/.

Also, he has been gaming for pretty much his whole life. His steam account has over 100 games vs. mine which only has about 20. When we are gaming together I am in my little corner having newbie difficulties while he is kicking butt. He is still teaching me to get better and we do game together. One of the games we like to play multi player on is 7 Days to Die. (7DD is basically a zombie horde game built like MineCraft.)

I hope you guys like this silly little, random post about me and Johnny. If you like these prompt posts let me know. I love getting comments from my readers.

Hope you all have a great day!