Saturday, May 3, 2014

Poetry Saturday - My Love

I'm not sure if this is a poem per say but I really love just imagining scenes in my head and writing them  in a poetic and beautiful way. Hope you enjoy!

"The sun shines in softly through the window as a gentle breeze dances with the sheer white drapes. As I stretch out my sleeping muscles, I hear a soft moan beside me. My dearest love snuggles closer to me and lays her head upon my chest as she sleepily wraps her arms around me. A small flash of light catches my eye, the shimmering of the ring on her left hand and I feel my heart swell with love. I can't help but smile at her sweet innocence. As I look upon her face, soft, delicate features, she looks so peaceful, no trace of any of the pain she has suffered through. A small tendril of hair falls across her face and my arm instinctively move to brush it behind her ear. I just think how incredible it is, how we fit together so perfectly, how we found peace together and that we found each other. I draw her up in my arms as she opens her tired eyes and looks up at me with those brilliant crystal blue orbs that always hold me in amazement. I gently lift her chin, drawing her lips to mine. I love this woman. She is my heart, my soul, my very existence. I could never survive without her."