Saturday, May 17, 2014

Poetry Saturday: Moment

I wrote this poem years ago and found it in my drop box. Hope you enjoy:

It was just a moment, but this one was so real. Well I know it was real but the emotion behind it, I wanted to be. It was there in his arms, he was looking into my eyes as I looked back into his. I was captivated. In those few beautiful, heart pounding seconds it felt like an eternity. Alone in his embrace, I felt warm and welcome. All I could think was, “could this really be happening?” I wanted to believe so badly that this was all real. That I felt something and that for the first time that something was real. To believe that he saw me, the real me. But all too soon that moment, those precious seconds were over, and once they were I felt the harsh truth, that that look in his eyes would never be for me. That I would remain invisible to the one man I wanted to see me. That the love I wanted so badly to have I would never feel, never earn, and never receive from the one man I wanted to love me.