Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly Pet Challenge 4: the Kittens

Welcome everyone to week 4 of my pet round up. Meet Oliver (orange) and Nix (black). We rescued these two little kittens and have had them for about two weeks. They are about 8 weeks old now and they are boths so incredibly tiny! There have been times when I roll over in bed at night and wake up like, "oh crud there's a kitten" lol.
(the two of them decided to fall asleep on my computer when I was working on my final presentation for Journalsim class...)

They are so incredibly adorable and I love them so much! They were pretty easy to litter train, however they for some reason love peeing on my curtains....and there have been a couple times when I woke up because they peed on my comfoter by my feet but hey they're kittens, whatcha gonna do?

One downside is they do have really bad fleas, they had them when we rescued them and we are trying really hard to get rid of them, pretty much flea combing them every other day and spraying my room with the egg killer spray and they are too young to use flea treatment because it could give them sesures. If any of you reading this out there have advice on getting rid of fleas let me know.

Other than that, they are just really crazy active, they love play fighting and attacking my other cat Kitsu's tail. Kitsu didn't like them at first but now he has gone into pretty much "mommy mode" and it's adorable and sweet. Its funny because they are terrified of the ferrets (and are smaller than them...)

Enjoy the cute pictures:

 (Nix was the first to fall asleep on my computer then Oliver came up and cuddled next to her in the picture above)

I guess my backpack makes a comfy seat.

 Nix was cuddling Oliver's butt and we were making jokes that she was like "oh butt, tell me your secrets" lol

Hope you guys enjoy these cute posts. I would love feedback from all the readers out there. I am actually writing this at work, I am so bored and I have had almost nothing to do all day. This has litterally been one of the longest work days ever! One minute feels like 5 and it is just rediculous. And before anyone goes crazy about "hey you shouldn't be on blogger at work" I am on my lunch break lol. Just blagh, long day. Anyhow, have an awesome day guys! <3 Kimmie