Sunday, May 25, 2014

What Drives Me?

What drives/motivates you every day?

My family has struggled with money for as long as I can remember. So from an early age I learned to do without some things. I feel like this made me a stronger person, but also increased my motivation to not want to live like that anymore.

My goal is to simply live a life that I am happy with and proud to live. I know that is kind of a broad goal, but it is true all the same.

Every day when I wake up and think “ugh I don’t want to get up and do ____,” I remind myself that I am working towards a cause; I am striving for something important. I want to be successful yes, but over all I want to be happy. I refuse to live for the rest of my life struggling to get by and stressing about how everything will turn out. I think about everything I have faced in the past to get to where I am, and I remind myself that today is just another step down that road.

So in the most simplistic terms, I am driven to be happy and find happiness within my life. Life, if nothing else, should be about making yourself happy and finding who you are and where you want to go. You shouldn’t have to wake up every day and hate your life, resent your occupation or despise the pure thought of facing another day. I want to live a life in which I am happy to wake up and face the day (after I grumble a bit about not getting to sleep more…I love my sleep lol). But I want to look around and be happy with what I have accomplished.

My goal every day in life is to keep going, to never give up and to keep shooting towards my dreams. Remembering that if I work hard enough I can reach the stars and I can find peace and happiness in my life (if just happiness.).

What drives you to wake up every morning? For those of you reading please leave your answer in a comment, I would love to hear from you.

Hugs from my computer to yours <3 Kimmie