Monday, May 5, 2014

College Survival Guide - Finals!

Lets talk finals. We all know and dread this week, dooms day, hell week, the last step towards the end of the semester. Summer is right around the corner, along with graduation for some, and we are all ready for the school year to be over, but there is one thing still in our way and that is finals.The question of the day is: how do we get through this week as unscathed as possible?

  1. Find a good study place. Find somewhere to study that you can focus whether it is the library, under a tree or wherever, just make sure it is somewhere where you can concentrate and won’t get distracted.
  2. Study for a little bit each day. You don’t want to overload youself when it comes to studying because it will just lead to you forgetting more than you would learn. What you would aim to do is just study for increments. For example, study for an hour, take a 20 minute break, study for another hour, and so on and so forth.
  3. Get sleep!!! Can’t stress how important this is, I even did a whole post about it. Sleeping helps to solidify what you learn in your mind and you wont be exhausted when you go to take your tests. You will be well rested and prepared.
  4. Don’t start the day before. Seriously, don’t cram. I cannot this of a worst thing that someone can do to sabotage themselves. As I mentioned before you should study in intervals and also I would recommend starting a week or two before your finals, studying for about 10-20 minutes each time so by the time you take the test you will be able to take that test in your sleep.

Hope this helps you guys be prepared for your finals and I wish you all good luck! (And good luck to me as well.) Finally, I hope the pictures made you laugh or at least smile. <3 Kimmie