Thursday, May 8, 2014

Who I Was in High School

Idea Bank prompt #117: In high school I was…

Now that I am out of high school I can actually write “when I was in high school” posts. Even just saying it in my everyday life is so strange. I think it is because high school is such a huge part of your life for so long that once it ends it is strange because you have to switch gears and life goes on.

During my four years of high school I was a drama geek, a loner, the over achiever, the teacher’s pet and I like to think, a good friend.

In high school I was never really one of the popular crowd or anything like that. During freshman and sophomore year I had “my crowd” that I loved and would spend mornings and lunches with. Most of us were in the drama club together and I feel like that brought us even closer. We preformed a spoof on Twilight our first year and honestly that was my favorite year of high school. It was hilarious and we were goof balls and so many other things that I treasure happened during that year.
During those years I was also a very big over achiever, doing my best to get good grades in all my classes. I also made friends with several of my teachers. I loved my tenth grade core teachers and so many others through my years. It was really nice being able to just talk and joke with your teachers and break that “professor” mold where a teacher is supposed to be distant.

Also, during my senior year I became somewhat of a loner. I drifted away from many of my friends because of how busy I was with AP Physics and my internships. I felt really alone and like I had been left behind by a lot of my friends. I guess it was both our faults, I didn’t fight to stay a part of the group and they didn’t try to keep me. It really sucks thinking about it. During senior year I didn’t really have a set group of friends. I was really close with two groups during first semester then it just kind of fell apart during second. I realize now it had to do with a lot of factors and in some ways I am trying to reconnect with some of those people and rebuild a stronger friendship with others.

It is true what they say about learning a lot during high school. But know I don’t think that they were talking about Pythagorean Theorem, the key points of Frankenstein or really most of the academics. For me, what I got out of high school was learning to survive in the world. You learn how to survive and overcome various challenges put before you.

High school is just the first step on a long road of learning and growing in life. I held so many different titles during high school but in some way, each and every one of them made me who I am today, and I am truly thankful for that.