Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Truth or Dare? Dare. Post a picture of yourself from Prom (or some other horrifying moment caught on camera)

Ok, so I am not quite sure if my prom pictures were horrifying, but I will still post a couple up here to both respond to this prompt and do a Throwback Thursday, which I haven't in a long time.

This is a picture of me and my two "dates" my friends Max and Andrew.

Fun facts about this photo: Andrew (the one with the curly hair in the middle) didn't go to his prom so we convinced him to go to prom with us because Max has been his best friend for forever. The only reason I was close to his height is because I was wearing 5 inch heels, I'm usually close to Max's height lol.

I have no Idea why but I really like this random photo of my friends Max, Marco, Anthony and Rosa:
 It was at the end of prom when we were all leaving, but still being silly :)

This was our group that went in a limo and we stopped across the street from the beach and decide to run across traffic in order to get our picture taken! Crazy? Yup, that describes us.

Yet another testament to our insanity, even though the picture is super blurry, we were being weird and doing the leg wrap around thing. 

Well, that was my junior year prom. I didn't go to my senior prom because my school barley advertised and so I didn't even know about it till last minute and on top of that most of my friends went to this one and a lot of them graduated so I just made the most out of this one and got the full experience of riding in the limo. (No I didn't go to the after party because apparently it was really lame and I didn't know anyone who was throwing it.)

Hope you enjoyed this little flash back, hard for me to believe it was 2 years ago!!! 

Hugs from my computer to yours <3 Kimmie