Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 3 - Kitsu

Hey guys, welcome to another week in my pet round up! Moving on in order, I am going to be talking about my cat Kitsu. According to my friend Emmy, Kitsu means kitty in Estonian and she suggested the name when we were first trying to name him and we couldn't think of anything else so it just kind of stuck. After he got his tail bitten he has a permanent mini-kink in his tail so now we jokingly call him "Kinky Kitsu."

I already did a post about Kitsu when we rescued him, which you can read here. But basically we found him roaming around our block crying and following everyone around. We had been seeing him for a couple days and just decided to try and catch him, give him some food and see if we could find him a home. He was so skinny and skittish when we found him that we just guessed that he was dumped at the park near our house.

We weren't able to find him a home so we just kept him and now he is a plump 6-8 month old kitten who loves sleeping on my bed and laying in front of the window (he gets mad and meows when we close the curtains because he loves the sun.)

The original Kitsu post has more photos of when we first got him so here are some updated ones:
Johnny fell asleep on my bed and all three kittens decide to sleep next to his legs. (Kitsu is the largest one, black and white, in between Johnny's legs lol)