Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Proof that Teachers Do Care

While browsing the Freshly Pressed section through Daily Post I came across this post called "What Students Really Need to Hear." It really stood out to me because I am a student and to me it screamed out "read me!"

The post is written by a teacher who typed out this message he wanted to say to his students to explain to them why they shouldn't quit or take the easy way out. He writes about how despite what we are made to believe, academics are not the main point of school. It is to prepair us for life. To make us strong enough to face the challenges that are set before us. Build our resolve to see each task we face to the end. To open our minds to the expanding world around us.

For all those students out there (and teachers) it is definetly worth reading. It is a wonderful refresher to see how much teachers actually care about there students. This is the comment I left on his post:

"I absolutely love this post. As a student it is very refreshing to see a teacher who generally cares about their students and are willing to fight for them. Thank you for that. Thank you for proving to me and all other students that there are people willing to push us to be our best, even when we don’t want to. Thank you for reminding me why I work so hard in school, because it isn’t just about the acedemics, it is about prepairing for the bigger picture in life and working your ass off to be the very best you can be in every aspect of your life.

You have my respect sir.

Sincearly, Kimberly (the college blogger)"

Hope you enjoy and take a second to read his post. Have an awesome day!