Saturday, April 26, 2014

Poetry Saturday - Poetry Slam Poem

Ever since we were young,
There is a song that has always been sung,
Adults and parents always said:
If you wish and you dream,
And you hope and you seem,
you can become anything and go anywhere.
But in a grown up world of deadlines and dates,
We’ve learned that this is not always the case.
Here in this land of responsibility and adulthood,
There is no clear path to our dreams,
But instead a road full of bumps, thorns and weeds.
However, it is our goal, our duty our mission,
To continue down our road without submission.
Life’s greatest test, is our ability to continue on.
To push on, to push forward, keep going,
Down that path with no knowing,
No inkling of what will stand in the way,
But still look forward to the future bright as day.
The world may place trials in your way,
But the strength you have can never displace.
As troubled as the night may seem,
Stand tall for the day,
When you will face the world and say,
“Here, here I am,
here, here I stand.
I will fight and I may fall,
But I will survive through it all.
The world may be rough,
But I am tougher
And that’s enough.
I am stronger than it all.”
So we can be anything we wish and dream,
Go anywhere we hope and seem.
Just push on and keep traveling on,
That long winding road to our dreams and the dawn.