Friday, April 4, 2014

My First Ever "In Response Post"

In the post Cassey shares two girls stories who were able to bounce back from eating disorders and how fitness and being healthy changed their lives.

So I wanted to do a response post because of how much of an impact this post had. Blogilates "Gaining Weight. The Reverse Transformation from ED to Healthy" is a really inspiring post because it shows that fitness is not all about slimming down to a size zero.

I used to be slightly anorexic, not as intense as these girls but still, it is enough to impact my life. Eating disorders are a form of a mental illness and most people don't realize that. Almost 50% of people with eating disorders meet the criteria for depression and eating disorders have the highest mortality rate out of any mental illness. This is not something that should be joked about and don't make fun of someone who is dealing with this or may have in the past. Instead you should be encouraging them and motivating them.

I wanted to "reblog" this and share it with the world to remind everyone out there that there is no "one perfect size." We are all individual and unique and we should focus on making ourselves happy and healthy not kill ourselves trying to look like the photoshopped twig girl on the front of a magazine.

One magazine I read is called Fiterazzi. It was started by Cassey (blogilates) sister. It encourages girls to be healthy and fit. I love it because you don't feel like you want to shoot something with the constant "loose 10 pounds in a month" statements that constantly grace magazine covers.

So please, take a few minutes to read Cassey's post and listen to these girls stories.

If no one else has told you today, or even if they have, always remember that you are beautiful, smart and you shouldn't have to live up to any one's expectations but your own. Live your life to make yourself happy because in the end it is your life, no one else's.

Big computer hugs from my screen to yours,
<3 Kimmie