Friday, April 18, 2014

Scars on my Skin

Scars on my skin,
That I made with nails or a pin .
I did nothing wrong
They helped me stay strong,
My way to deal,
With the pain I would feel.
They say that it’s bad
But please don’t stay mad
I did it to help me
Why can’t you see?
These scars saved my life,
When it was filled with strife.
Please all my family,
If you could forgive me kindly,
I swear I’m not crazy,
It all just gets hazy,
When my eyes fill with tears,
And cries fill my ears,
These scars brought me back,
Before I could crack,
But who are you to judge me?
These scars helped save me.
So what, maybe I’m crazy,
Because it’s still a bit hazy.
But that’s not for you to judge
Because these scars still have their touch


Note from Kimmie: as I have mentioned in the past I have a history of depression and self harm and I wrote this poem about my history with it. For the record I haven't cut since, I don't remember the exact time frame, but I haven't cut in 2014. So I am pretty proud of myself.