Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 2 - The Ferrets

Hi guys! Welcome to week two of my pet round up! I'm excited to share this with you! Like I said last week I am doing the posts of my animals in the order that I got them and next on the list is my ferrets a.k.a. fuzzbutts!

Meet Kiki (the white one, girl) and Zero (the black one, boy). We changed their names when we got them (but still use their original names as nicknames from time to time) they were originally named Sweetheart and Captian Pebbles lol.

I love these two even though they can be pains in the butt, especially when Zero becomes an escape artist and I wake up to see him crawling around.

Enjoy the cuteness!
(posted these two pictures in my post about when we first got them.)

this is a picture of Kiki in my pocket lol

sorry that these are sideways but I hope you enjoy! <3 Kimmie