Thursday, April 17, 2014

College Survival Guide: Go to Class!!!

So as we all know college is EXPENSIVE!!! So one thing you want to avoid at all costs is missing class. Why, you ask. Well that's because you are paying to be in there and any class you miss is loosing you money! Most people don't think about it this way but it really is important to remember.

Also, if you miss out on class most professors will just tell you to get the notes from someone else and you could miss out on important stuff. Missing class is not worth it if you "just don't want to" or you are gaming or whatever. For me, the only good excuse to miss class is if I am really sick and just don't feel good at all. But there have even been a couple times I would get up and go to class when I was sick, even though I seriously didn't want to and I felt like:

Another incentive to go to class is that if you miss a certain number of classes, usually specified on the first day or the syllabus, the teacher can drop you.

I am going to show you how to calculate how much you would loose if you miss a class. If you go to a private university use the amount of your tuition. For example, at Concordia the tuition was (rounding up $5) $15,000 a semester. I know its a lot! So what you do is divide the cost of your tuition by the number of units you are taking. For me, last semester, it was 17. So you just figured out how much you pay for each unit you take. Ex. for me it was approx. $882/unit. Multiply that number by how many units one class is, most are 3. From there just divide that total number by how many class days you have for that class a voila. For community college, most JC's tell you off the bat how much each unit is because that is how you pay. So you would just do the last two steps. You will be surprised and I know I'm making you do math but if you do this it will make you never want to miss a class.

I know this is a really short post but I just wanted to share this advice with you and, again, I am sorry for the math! haha