Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My 100th Post!!! The signs that I am getting older...

Super excited to be doing my 100th post! I hope you guys enjoy!

When we are a kid all we want is to grow up. We don't realize how fleeting childhood is, that is is something we should treasure and hold onto.

I like many others was this way. But, unlike some, I was forced by my situation to grow up at an early age. To take care of myself, to act like an adult, to realize that I had to support myself. I know that I am an adult but now that I am there I realize how much it sucks! I feel like this accuratly represents my feelings about being an adult:

I know I am getting older because...
1. I have a car payment. Gah yes, I have to pay $400 a month now to pay off my little Honda Civic Coup. Thank you aunty for cosigning!

2. I am in college. Dear God, I have a technical, in depth transfer plan and everything.

3. I have a full time job. Yup, working girl here.

4. I pay for most things myself. Gah, why is everything so expensive! Can't I go back to being little when the only thing I cared about was being a kid?!

5. I am constantly worrying about money and being able to afford things.

6. I have to make all my decisions myself and I am on my own.

7. Now that I am 18 I could go to big girl jail!