Sunday, April 27, 2014

Self-psychoanalysis via your bookshelf or Music.

I found this idea on the Daily Post and when I saw it I instantly knew I wanted to write from the idea. It is interesting and different and makes you take a critical look at yourself from another perspective. So, I hope you guys and enjoy and maybe get to know me a little bit better.

Take the five books on your nightstand, the last five songs you listened to, the last five movies you watched, or the last five blog posts you liked — what do they say about you?

According to my books:
Ok, so when I first thought about this I started laughing because I just heard a voice in my head saying, “you have the bookshelf of a middle age house wife with a boring sex life.” To explain why this popped in my head, I love reading romance novels. (Some of my favorites authors are Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kerrilyn Sparks and Martha)

But for me it isn’t about the smut that, for some, is all they want to get off to. For me, I genuinely love the story lines and watching the characters come together and I just love happy endings.

These aren’t the only books in my collection I promise. I love fantasy, romance, mystery and paranormal/supernatural. So to analyze myself according to these books I would say, “The owner of these books wants to escape from real life. Loves to be transported to another world and get lost, forgetting about life. Not one to want to struggle through a text.”

According to my music:
I have an insanely eclectic taste in music, listening to everything from country to Broadway to metal and rock to hip-hop and pop, and I can switch between these genres without missing a beat.

My analysis would be: “Kim listens to a vast variety of music because she is crazy! (Haha just kidding!!!) But because she likes to experience different things and listen to whatever fits her mood or makes her happy. The kind of person to sing at the top of her lungs to a song. Helps her to cheer up, make her smile, feel for her when she needs to cry, or be the DJ when she wants to dance in the rain.”

Hope you enjoy this little insight to my brain. Big hugs, <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="" data-blogger-escaped-kimmie.="">