Monday, April 21, 2014

College Survival Guide: How to Create a Transfer/Graduation Plan

One day I got bored in between classes and was trying to think about what classes to take this upcoming fall semester, staring at the list of required classes I would need to transfer. So I just opened up Microsoft Excel on my computer and started putting all the requirements into one place. You could say I went OCD because I now have all my remaining semesters mapped out and a separate tab for my overall classes I need to take, the IGETC requirements and transfer requirements for my majors.

Ok so you are probably thinking, wow that is really in-depth and complicated. But in reality it really isn't and I'm going to show you how!

1. Find out the requirements for your major and general ed needed to graduate/transfer.

2. Write them all down and figure out how many units each class is, this way you can find a balance of units to take per semester. If you are working like me, or don't handle stress well, aim for 12/13 (enough to be full time) to 15 units. If not you can to anywhere up to 18 units, but let that be your maximum.

3. Think about the classes you have to take and figure out the prerequisites. If you have any try to get those out of the was ASAP.

4. Go from there mapping out your semesters or quarters going from your lower classes and prerequisites to the harder, higher up classes as time goes on.

*One key thing to remember, make sure you balance your time. Don't over run yourself and allow yourself to take a couple elective classes.

I will be putting the template I created on Google Drive as a public document if you want to use it or just take a look for reference. If you would like an excel version instead you can always comment and I will email it to you. (For some reason it wouldn't let me upload it as a template but the document is linked and you can copy and paste probably.)

Got any questions? Let me know down below.

Good Luck