Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meet the Newest Member of the Clark Family!!!

So I have been meaning to publish this for a while now and I just finally got it up! But,  have a new addition to our family, meet Kitsu!
(this picture was from the night we found him). We found him yowling outside our house. We had seen him following people around before. He is a 4-6 month old male kitty and we figured out that he was dumped at the park next to our house.

When we took him in he was a lot skinnier than he is now and as soon as we gave him food he started woofing it down! It made me so sad to think that someone would dump such a small kitten. We think the reason they might have was because he is going to be a bit kitty!
He has since fallen in love with me and Johnny (my boyfriend.) And I've figured out he loves sleeping with me! As shown by the pictures at the end.

However, within a couple days of having him he was attacked by a dog and was bitten down to the bone on his tail. He was not happy because he had to stay in a carrier crate for about a week and was a sattalite disk kitty. I couldn't find any pictures of him with the dish but he was so pittiful looking it was just funny and cute!

Funny fact: he now has a perminent mini kink in his tail so we nick-named him "Kinky" Kitsu. I know, it sounds like a bad stripper name!

Good news is that he is all better now. He still has a few fleas from his time at the park but he is a lot happier and I think he is glad he has a home because he acts more relaxed and isn't constantly freaked out by being picked up.

To prove he likes sleeping with me...(Johnny took these photos while I was asleep and woke up to them on my phone hahaha)
This is just a goofy picture of him with his paw on my face lol
Kistu just chilling on my chest when I fell asleep on the coutch!
And him hiding under the blankets next to my butt! hahaha he is such a goof!