Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Truly Terrifying Day!

I started the day by sleeping in till about noon, getting up and taking a nice warm shower.

However, the entire day changed gears when I stepped out of the shower to the news that one of my dear friends and "big brother" Krys had been taken into emergency surgery for an aortic tear (a tear in the aorta valve of his heart). For a little background info: Krys has a heart disease that causes the lining in his heart to be thinner that it should be. Also, his mother died from an aortic tear (the same thing he went into surgery for) from this very same disease. So you can gather why everyone was terrified.

Apparently this morning he came downstairs complaining of chest pains and a horrible headache. His step mother is a nurse (who through her training saved his life!) noticed that his chest was puffed out and noted that he needed to go to the hospital. Thankfully because of this they caught it early enough and we did some reading and usually this is fatal because it is not caught early enough and most die on the way to the hospital so just making it to the hospital and 30 minutes of scans was a major plus!

At this point he made it out of surgery a few hours ago. The surgery went as well as can be expected. They repaired/replaced his aorta and a coronary artery with Dacron, and replaced his aortic valve with a mechanical one. There are still a lot of risks, including internal bleeding, infection and other complications. However, the doctor was fairly optimistic about his prognosis, and his should be home in a week at the latest barring any complications.

I really hope that his recovery is speedy and everything will be ok and, to be perfectly honest, I'm terrified. So please, if anyone reads this, keep him in your prayers and thoughts.