Friday, February 14, 2014

Zero to Hero Day 19 - Kimmie on Valentine's Day

What do I like about Valentine's Day? Honestly, my favorite part is how people run around crazy like it is the make it or break it day for a relationship. I mean honestly, you should be making your significant other feel special and loved every day of the year not just one.

So I thought I would post just some funny picutres and quotes about love that I like:

1.I saw this picture on Google and couldn't stop laughing. I love Sheldon!

2. This picture basically explains Valentine's day. I honestly think that the amount of pressure we put on this day is silly. Give me a hug and maybe a flower or just spend the day with me and I will be happy.

3. If you want to talk to me about love lets talk about the poem the poem from 10 Things I Hate About You. I feel like it accurately describes being in a relationship with someone. You hate some of the things that they do but all in all you truly love them. One of my favorite poems ever! (Plus I adore this movie! Heath Ledger singing = 'nuff said!)

4.Just all the LOLz

5. Thats one way to say it lol

6. I seriously think they should start making these!

Overall, I think that valentines day is way to overplayed. But pictures like this make me laugh so much and I hope they made you laugh too :)