Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cry Baby - Movie Review

Hey everyone! So I wanted to do a quick review about a movie that I got to watch the other night for the first time. Cry Baby staring Johnny Depp and Amy Locane.

It was very well done at dramatizing what life was like during that time and I thought that it was a very interesting movie and story line. I did really like the movie and this is all just my personal opinion and reaction to the movie.

The story focuses on the two opposing groups: the Drabs (a.k.a. Greasers/low end kind of people) and the Squares (Socs/preppy, well brought up people) in a similar way to other movies like the Outsiders. In the beginning of the movie the female lead, Allison (Locane), says "I'm so sick of being good" and walks over to talk to Cry Baby's (Depp) gang. So at the beginning we see the good girl wanting to go over to the "bad side" and the "bad boy" starting to fall for her. I feel like this whole "falling for each other" thing happened way way to fast within like the first 30 minutes. It was like "oh your different I love you so much even though I pretty much just met you."

At first I really just could not get over that dramatization and just how cheesy the acting was. In fact almost the entire time I was sitting through the movie I kept going "....Huh? What?" due to the dramatization. It is really cheesy and I feel like the acting was a bit overdone and just ".....what?..." worthy. However, this actually came together very well and actually works for the movie and its storyline.

When it came to characters, Amy Locane's character Allison kind of pissed me off a bit. If you think about it she was a tad slutty. This woman rides off on the back of a motorcycle with a boy she has only had one short conversation with and then makes out with him and says she loves him and...you get the picture. Then, something happens (not going to spoil it if you haven't seen it), and she instantly goes back to her ex who is responsible for the event that I won't mention. But she just runs back to him despite her grandma, who used to be super anti-drab, telling her to think it over. THEN, she goes back to Cry Baby less than 30 minutes later in the movie!

Cry Baby's character was really interestingly put together about why he cries one tear each day, essentially in tribute to his parents. Plus, Johnny Depp is just plane amazing in this role. (Johnny Depp as a greaser, seriously! Drool fest!)

One of the other characters I fell in love with watching this movie was Traci Lords as Wanda Woodward. I just love her attitude and spunk and HER CLOTHES!!!! She is absolutely beautiful and I kind of wanted to be here after watching the film.

Overall, I really liked this movie, it just takes a bit to get past the over dramatizations and cheesiness. I would really recommend this if you haven't seen it yet!