Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lustables Vol. 4

Hey guys, it is holiday palette season! So I thought I would share with you guys some of the holiday sets I have my eyes on for this year.

Urban Decay Vice 4 - Just look at this gorgeous thing! My boyfriend bought me the Vice 3 palette for Christmas last year, so this year I asked him to get the Vice 4 for me :)

Becca Afterglow Palette - Really wanting this palette mostly because I have been wanting to try the two blushes in Wild Honey and Flower Child for quite some time and this way I can try them out along with getting three other products for just a little bit more than buying one of the blushes.

The Balm In the Balm of Your Hand Palette - This is another one that is just an incredible deal. I already own the full size Hot Mama blush but I have been wanting to try the other two blushes, the eyeshadows look gorgeous, and it is fantastic for travel. Amazing bang for your buck!

Tarte Greatest Glitz Collector's Set - I really like how this is broken down into three separate palettes with well thought out color schemes for each. I don't have a lot of rose gold or silver-y shades and I like that those are two of the palettes.

Some other items I have on my radar are: the Bare Minerals Jumbo Mineral Veil (the packaging is so fancy!), the Lorac Mega Pro 2, the Too Faced Le Grand Chateau Trio.

Let me know what you guys are looking at picking up for the holidays! Have a wonderful day,
<3 Kimmie