Friday, November 6, 2015

Getting my Wisdom Teeth Out

Hey everyone, I am incredibly out of it today, I am on pretty heavy pain meds, and apologize for any typos or if I run on a bit. Yesterday I got all four of my wisdom teeth out in one go.

My experience was good one. If you are in the Rocklin Area and need oral surgery done, I would recommend Dr. Jared Antrobus. The nurse was really nice and even gave me a blanket for the surgery because I swear I am always cold. I was put under for the surgery and it was pretty weird. I was given the meds and the last thing I remember was talking to the nurse about liking her taste in music because they had Pandora going in the back ground, her fixing the goggles they had to put on me, and I barely remember the doctor talking about Taylor Swift and then next thing I knew, I was being woken up.
This is be not long after I was woken up.
The weird thing on my head is a compression sock. So far I am doing well, the pain isn't too horrible because of the meds. The only super difficult part was the first four hours having to bite down on gauze. I had to switch to using tea bags instead, because the blood on the gauze was making me nauseous. That has been the only sucky part, is that whenever I get blood building up in my mouth I get nauseous.

At the moment my cheeks are going back and forth between being swollen up to a chipmuck and being only somewhat swollen.
My 2 hours post-op verses 8 hours.
I am currently closer to the first picture in swelling. I was told that days 2 and 3 are the peak for swelling. And I have to go into onboarding for Ulta in about half hour, so thats going to be fun.

Well, I wanted to get something posted because I am trying to do NaBloPoMo, national blog post month, where I post something every day. There will be more exciting content up once I've recovered.

Take care everyone!