Sunday, June 8, 2014

WPC and an Update

Hey everyone out there in the blogsphere, hope your weekends are going well! Sorry I haven't been posting for the past couple days/been awol, been insanely busy.

Over the past two weeks my sister and I switched rooms so we had to clean her room (which looked like a tornado went through it) and all of my stuff out of my room, this whole process took all week! And then we had to move all of our stuff into our new rooms.

And then yesterday we took the kittens to the vet for the first time, got  them de-flea'd, de-wormed, got their first set of vaccinations and now they are much happier kittens to say the least. Also, we are all enjoying my new room :)

Plus, yesterday my aunt and I had kind of a duel birthday celebration since here birthday was the 4th and mine is the 11th. We went to go see Maleficent, which was AWESOME!!! Review coming soon!

Here are some update pictures on the two little cuties:
Hope you all have a good weekend <3 Kimmie