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Chain Story Part #3

Here is the beginning of the story with a link to each blog, my addition is at the end. Hope you enjoy :)

My Author Within

Ahh. I should remember to eat before class from now on. My stomach is killing me. Ten more minutes before I get to go home, I can last that long. Several minutes of more lecture time, questions and answer, finally class was over. Living close to campus was worth it, even if it cost too much. Katherine, or Katie as everyone called her, rushed home to eat something before she had to go to work. As a college student, there was not much that Katy had time for during the day. She was lucky to find a job at the local campus bar as a bartender. Sometimes some of the customers would get too clingy or touchy, and this is when Lu would come and straighten them out. Lu was tall, over six foot two of muscle and height. He was even intimidating to look at, but he was a sweetheart underneath. He would often refer to Katie as a “walking disaster.” According to him, he had to be on his guard whenever Katie was working, because she caused commotion with her waist long curly black hair, and deep green eyes. Katie knew that she was gifted with good genetics, but far preferred to be complemented or coveted for something she herself achieved, rather than been born with.
Katie’s shift starts at eight thirty. She had about fifty minutes to get home, eat, get ready and go to work. In her rush to get home and eat, Katie almost did not hear her neighbor calling her. Finally she realized that Ms. Reynold was calling her name.
“Katie, dear, you didn’t tell me about your young man. I thought I told you to entertain this old lady with your stories  of love and passion.” Ms. Reynold was a dear soul who loved to gossip and ask a lot of questions. She loved Katie like she was her own granddaughter.
“Ms. Reynold, I told you I don’t have time for boyfriends now. I have  not been on a date for over a year now.”
“Well, then I guess the flowers that arrived for you today are from a secret admirer! Oh, how exciting is this!” She went into her apartment and brought back a big bouquet of beautiful red roses. Katie loved red roses. After thanking Ms. Reynold, Katie took the flowers inside her apartment and put them in the water. Katie was slightly concerned about the identity of the person who sent the roses, but her hunger did not leave much room for thinking clearly. Soon, the roses were forgotten, and Katie was on her way to work, after having eaten something.

Tamzen Temple

She walked her usual route, down Abbey Lane through Cheltenham Road, a short street most avoided because of its greyness, and up the stairs of the park.  She stopped feeling uneasy for a moment and turned certain there was someone following her.
There was no one but a teenage girl with her head down absorbed in her phone.  She shook her hands trying to release the fear that still plagued her and reminded herself to just breathe.  He was locked away and had been for two years, yet the shadow he cast stayed with her.
Katie entered through the back door of the bar and headed into the staff room. She put her bag in a locker, switched her phone to silent and placed it into the black waist apron that wrapped her tiny frame.  They were told not to have their phones on them, but Lu made an exception for her, he always made exceptions for Katie.
Elise ran in, she always ran in, forever late and with a myriad of excuses.  “Oh my goodness, would you believe the bus just passed me, totally passed my stop.  Luckily a friend was driving past,  I waved them down and I got here just in time.”
“Wow,” Katie pretended to believe her.  “You were lucky they came by.”  She didn’t wait for a reply but left quickly and entered the bar.  There was no one there so she went through to the table area and started collecting glasses.
“Katie.”  She turned to the voice at the entrance.  It was him.  She froze then opened her mouth to call out for Lu but nothing came out but a silent terror.
“I just wanted to give you this.”  He pointed to the table and ran out the entrance as he spotted Lu approaching.
This is the second part of the chain story by Tamara Zito see below to first part and happy writing. I’ve included at bottom a list in order of writers with links also.

This is the beginning of the chain story #1. I picked suspense as the theme to go forward with. I have clear ideas where I want this story to go, but I won’t tell you. I want to see you continue from where I left off however you want to. Write no more than 2-3 paragraphs, and try to move the plot along. Provide a link to my blog and copy paste the beginning into your post before you continue (note somehow the parts where others worked on-you can either just write the name of the person/blog who did it, or link). After doing your part, select another person to continue the story, that new person has to provide a link to your site. So on and so forth. Remember, there should be no more than 12 people working on the story. So the 12th person has to wrap it up.  Happy writing my friends! 

And here is my part:

Katie couldn’t breathe as her chest seized up, throat tightened, tears stung her eyes and that ever familiar wave of terror swept over. In her mind Katie just kept thinking, “What the hell was that…he isn't supposed to know where I am...what the HELL was that…why was he here... AND WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!” Questions swirled through her mind, followed quickly by confusion. He was supposed to be locked up and even if they had released him she had made damn sure there was a restraining order.

A hand landed on her shoulder making Katie almost jump out of her skin and scream…well at this point it was more of a startled squeak. However, relief swept over her as she turned to see the comforting chocolate colored eyes of Lu. He looked down on her with concern and placed a hand on her cheek, “are you alright? Who was that?” Have his hands always been this soft? His eyes really are beautiful. It took a few moments for Katie to register what he had asked her, and moreover what she had just thought. Shaking her head as if to clear out all the fog in her mind, Katie took a deep breath before responding, “Can we talk about this outside? I – I need some air.” He simply nodded, dropping his hand from her cheek and following her out through the back door and out to the alleyway.

Katie took a deep breath and mentally braced herself as she relived something she had long locked away. “He’s my ex. He went psycho a few years ago and tried attacking me. The doctors discovered he had schizophrenia and as part of it had become obsessively possessive. They institutionalized him in a kind of prison for the mentally ill. I thought he was still there, he is never again supposed to be within 100 yards of me again and he definitely was no supposed to know anything about where I am.” Lu’s face was a mask of concern as he unexpectedly walked forward and pulled Katie into his arms. For some reason his embrace was so comforting and Katie felt like she could almost forget what had just happened. But then a realization hit her, “what was he pointing at on the table?”

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