Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer for College Students and Incoming Freshman

School years have to a close, the weather has been getting warmer, people are going to the beach and it certainly feels like summer is finally in full swing. I want to say congratulations to all the high school graduates this year. Four years of hard work has finally paid off. By now you have already picked the college you plan to attend, probably ordered some gear and are on your way.

But how do you prepare for that much anticipated fall?

1. Start narrowing down what you would want to take and put together a packing list. Remember that dorm rooms aren’t that big.

2. Remember that being homesick is perfectly normal. Some people get hit more than others but don't feel bad if the waterworks turn on every now and again.

3. Don't expect college to be like the movies. The way college life is portrayed in movies is so ridiculously over-dramatized and glorified and just flat out unrealistic. News flash: despite what Hollywood wants you to think, college is not one big party. I have a whole post planned on this so stay tuned!

4. Start checking things off the list. Bed, Bath and Beyond has a pretty good dorm checklist, as well as an apartment checklist, for what to bring and what not to bring to college. While not everything on that list is necessary it is definitely a good outline and hits all the major points of things you do need. Don't wait to the last minute to buy your items!

5. Enjoy your summer! Even though you should be preparing for fall there, one of the most important things to do this summer is to enjoy yourself, spend time with your friends before you all go different directions and make memories that will last.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and wish everyone luck in the fall! <3 Kimmie