Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Nitty-Gritty of Internships

The benefit of internships is that you get to work for a company and gain valuable experience and contacts that could really help you in the future. So make friends with your boss.
When it comes down to internships and deciding whether or not to take up one there are several factors you need to consider:

Keep in mind whether or not it is a paid internship. A lot of internships have you doing full time work without getting paid. There are both ups and downs to this yes you get work experience but you are working 8 hours a day with no pay off. If you are looking at an unpaid internship then you have to decide if the benefits are worth it to you.

However, one of the pluses is that there are paid internships, like the one I am at.
The reason why I advocate for internships is because it is like having a job that normally there is no way you would be in. So not only do you get job experience and a paycheck (depending) but you can also learn an incredible amount from the experienced people around you.

One of the biggest parts of an internship is networking and gaining contacts for later. Make friends with your managers and the people you work with because this could be a tremendous resource in the future when you need a job or are looking for a letter or recommendation.

Since it is summer now is the time to start brushing off those resumes and looking into applying, will you be?

Good luck<3 Kimmie