Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dinner with my dad

Woopsies! I accidentally forgot to hit publish! This was supposed to be posted last Friday 4/26

So last night I drove out to Costa Mesa with my sister to meet up with our dad and have a father daughter "date night" I guess you could call it. We went out to this interesting restaurant called "8 Steers." It was a nice restaurant and the server was fun to talk to, however, a bit on the pricey side. If you go I would recommend going during happy hour because things are cheaper.

I got the steak and fries. It was an 8 oz steak with seasoned fries. The steak wasn't as flavorful as it could be but it wasn't bad. After that we went to sonic and got shakes. I got a chocolate oreo cheesecake shake and it was surprisingly pretty good. 

I'm really glad I got to see my dad and even happier that he is making an effort to be more apart of my sister's and my lives.