Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 17-20

So I've been behind on blogging so I am gonna do something special! What's that, you ask? 
A MASS BLOG POST!!!! Ha ha ha!

So this week was a crazy week full of editing. Quite literally that's it! I downloaded VideoPad (and spent about an hour an a half trying to figure it out and work it.) And I discovered how tedious video editing was!!!  I felt so bad because I spent several hours editing and trying to figure out how I wanted the video put together and such that I still only have like two minutes of mess! Nothing is cohesive just yet :( 

I seriously don't know how these video gurus do it!!! They must be ninjas or something because I have this cool image in my head and no idea how to edit into reality! Any video editors out there have suggestions??? HELP!