Sunday, May 26, 2013


So this post is all about the pets that I really want. However, unfortunately the first three are all illegal for purchase in California :( But onto the cuteness!

1. Sugar gliders: are small marsupials that are closely related to flying squirrels. They are mostly nocturnal creatures and eat fruit and yogurt and glider pellet food. They are very codependent animals and they require you to spend a lot of time with them and they bond to usually one person. They can fit in your pocket or purse and will just chill there. Believe it or not they actually bark at you for attention! They are so adorable and tiny and I just want to put it in my pocket :) My boyfriend and I want to get two and name them Momo (after the flying lemur in Avatar the Last Air Bender) and Icarus (after the flying squirrel in Nemo's Adventures in Slumberland.) 

2. Hedgehog: ok if you don't know what a hedgehog is then you have been living under a rock! Domesticated hedgehogs like warm climates (above 72 degrees) eat mostly insects but domestic diets include cat food, meal worms, cooked unseasoned meat, fruits and vegetables. They are still scared of predators  such as humans but they are mostly acclimated to being house pets now. And I mean come on just look at em!

3. Fennec Fox: OMG WOULD YOU LOOK AT THOSE EARS!!! I just want to pet them!!!! SO CUTE!!! Ha ha ha. Fennec foxes are smaller nocturnal foxes that originated in the Sahara of Northern Africa. They normally live in burrows dug out in the sand. They act like a mix of a dog&cat. "They are a ball of energy 15% of the time, snuggly 20% of the time and asleep the rest." They are pretty easy going and like to bond much like sugar gliders.

So yeah, those are my "exotic pet wants." Big interweb hugs! Hope I showed you a little cuteness :)