Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Senior Project - Day's 1&2

Hey interwebies!!! I will be using my blog to post my daily journal entry for my senior project. So here we go:
(For these two days I was working from home)
Day 1: Today I downloaded a movie making software so that when I have video footage I can just enter it in and make it go. I was also doing research on places that I could go to volunteer at and interview the people who work there. (Kind of a slow day but I wrote down several numbers to contact)

Day 2: Today I had my one on one meeting with my project adviser and we sat down and just talked about  the logistics of my project and how I plan on going about it and about how to get it actually out into the community. I sent several emails and left voicemails today to try and contact crisis centers and such about volunteering. Have yet to hear back :(