Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 14

So today I had my "Half-Way" POL. I put together a Prezi and printed out my statistics and my script. I got to present my final goals and deliverables, show the uncut interviews and talk about what has and hasn't worked so far. I think it went pretty well. 

Even though it feels like this project has been moving glacially slow and sometimes I've been down and felt like I haven't done ANYTHING productive, that POL really showed me that I have been working, and even though its slow it is going.

Directly after my POL I went on a field trip with my Advanced Physics class to a place called Ossur. They make braces and prosthetics like the one the Olympian Oscar Pistorius has. It was really interesting seeing how they outfit someone with whatever they need. They use these little trackers and pressure floor board and crazy cameras to see how all the little movements are made and affect the problem. 

Science is awesomeness peoples. (Even thought a lot of it goes over my head!)