Friday, April 26, 2013

Blaaaaah catch up

Hey blogging world! I'm sorry I went AWOL again. I have just been crazy busy! Why? Well right now I am in crunch time for my senior year.
Essentially in order to do our senior projects we have to be passing all our classes by this week. So basically for the past couple weeks i have been doing my best to get help and comprehend the things i have been learning in physics, working on a video commercial as my final project for econ and getting grading issues fixed in English. And as sad as it makes me, even though I got my grade up by 7%, I was still 4% away from passing advanced physics.
I'm really bummed because I don't know whether or not I am able to do my senior project because even though I have above a b in all my other classes I still have a 66% in physics. Plus, believe it or not, I have never failed a class before :(
 Then out of no where I check my grade and I GOT A C-!!!!! I don't think I had ever been so excited to have a C in my life.
So that was one of the main highlights of my past month. Will write about the rest in another post!