Friday, March 15, 2013

Senior Project - "It's Not Taboo"

I am rather excited because I am doing research for my senior project. Essentially what my project is is I am going to be creating a video talking about the biggest challenges people face with getting help about depression, self harm, eating disorders, addiction, etc. (If your remember my post about TWLOHA, that organization is one of the resources I am using in my project)

In the video I would also want to interview people facing these challenges and having them talk about what they have gone through, how they got help and dealt with it in order to inspire others. To let them know that there is help out there and asking for help is something they should not be afraid of. Also, for those who know people going through those challenges it's not a phase and they don't do it for attention. 

So next step is doing research on local teen centers, contacting them and writing up my plans. Will post the video as soon as I complete it!