Friday, October 4, 2013

My "Fab-Five" YouTube Channels I am Subscribed To

So I got bored and just decided to do the top five (well six) favorite YouTube Channels. They aren't in a particular order. So enjoy!

1. The Hillywood Show - The Hillywood Show is run by two sisters: Hilly and Hannah Hindi and they make musical parodies of movies. I think they are really funny and cute and they make me smile.

2. Kandee Johnson - Kandee is an amazing make up artist. She is just so bubbly and funny and positive. I love watching her videos because of her personality, it just makes me feel more positive and like I know her and could be friends with her. I really wish I knew her in real life.

3. Very Mary Kate - Very Mary Kate is a hilarious YouTube series that works with College Humor. The videos are usually only about two minutes but they make you laugh and a fun interpretation of the life of the Olsen twins.

4. Blogilaties (and XHIT Daily) - Blogilaties and XHIT are really fun workout channels and they have workouts for all different styles and they are just fun and they get your blood circulating. What I love about Blogilaties is that Cassey is so down to earth and she makes workout calendars that you can follow along, so its like having a personal trainer for free! Who doesn't love free! Plus, its just more convenient than going to a gym and paying a lot of money, where as you can just work out from where ever you want.

5. Michelle Phan - I love Michelle Phan. She doesn't just post make up tutorials but other fun videos that just keep you smiling and makes you feel like you know her. She is so very kind and I just love watching her videos and she is like another virtual friend. Plus she just came out of her new make up line so I got to see that!