Monday, October 21, 2013

My First $80 Date!

This past Saturday my boyfriend Johnny and I went out to Black Angus Steakhouse. First off, the food was insanely delicious. Second,  the got the dinner for two deal on the menu and got a three course meal for sixty dollars! I have never had filet mignon in my life and it fell apart when I cut it with my fork. Can you say YUM! (Sufficed to say we couldn't eat it all!) 

Here is a picture of the aftermath of an appetizer, two entrees: filet mignon and New York style steak,  with two sides each and a mud pie cake for desert!
So I just thought I would share this because it was something that made me really happy to be able to feel all fancy. Also, it's not something I get to experience much, especially coming from a poverty line standpoint, high class and fancy to us is usually getting to go to Red Robin or Cold Stones for desert. It's nice to break away from that.