Wednesday, September 25, 2013

10 College and Dorm Necessities

#1. A Laptop - This is essential for any college student! Not only do you use it to take notes and do homework on, but it is your source for research, Netflix, music and just EVERYTHING!!! I cannot tell you how much I am on my laptop (usually typing up homework.)

#2. Lounge Pillow - I love my lounge pillow because if you're tired of sitting at your hard wooden desk, it turns your bed into a comfy chaise. I've even fallen asleep on my lounge pillow a couple of times. Its super comfortable and if you are spending most of your time in your dorm doing homework and studying, why not make it comfortable?

#3. Hot Pot - My aunt bought me the Sunburst Hot Pot at Target and it is a heaven sent! This thing boils water in no time at all. But wait, there's more! Not only does it boil water like your typical electric kettle, but it can be used to heat up soups, ramen, Chef Boyarde, you name it. It is so incredibly useful if you want tea or the cafeteria is closed and you get hungry or just don't want cafeteria food.

#4. Personality/Touch of Home - Whether its memorable pictures, string lights or a stuffed animal that you have had forever, make sure to bring something that reminds you of home and makes you feel comforted when you look at it. Homesickness is the most common affliction that ingoing freshman face. Not only are you adjusting to college life, but you have to do it while living away from home for the first time. So when you are feeling homesick just cuddle up with that stuffed animal or look at your familiar thing and remember that your family is just a phone call away!

#5. Command Hooks - These little buggers are probably the most clever invention ever! They come in all different sizes to hang everything from your keys to your backpack and everything in between!

#6. Planner/Schedule - I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay organized in college. Whether you are using the calendar on your phone or laptop or going old school and writing everything down in a planner, you need to manage your time so that you can balance studying/homework with fun and personal time. Remember, work hard to play hard.

#7. Shower Caddy - Shower caddies are extremely useful because you can keep all your shower stuff in one place. If you have a suit and share a shower with just three other people like I do, I got a shower caddy that hangs on the shower head, this particular one was fairly cheap at Target (about $12.) The alternative, if you have to use public showers (ugh! Shudder!) you can grab a simple caddy that you can put your stuff in and carry to and from the showers. These are usually just small crates with holes to drain water and a handle to carry, there are even caddies that can hang on hand rails.

#8. EmergenC - If you are like me than getting sick is not an option! I hate being sick and when you are in college paying money for every class missing just one class is you loosing money. Seriously! Take five minutes and figure out how much each class costs. You won't want t o be sick either. EmergenC along with daily vitamins will help boost your immunity. EmergenC is basically concentrated vitamins that you just mix with water and drink. Don't worry there are a lot of flavors to pick from!

#9. Fan/Heater - No matter where you go to college you are either going to have to face it being hot or cold. I attend college in Irvine and it gets HOT!!! (The dorms don't have AC) Lately it has been averaging about 85-95 degrees. So a fan was definitely a necessity! I just went to Target and picked up a typical standing fan for about $20 and it makes a world of difference. However, if you are at a college where it snows and you are freezing your butt off, then pick up a heater. There are a lot of different types of heaters and fans so you can pick your poison and make it fit your needs.

#10. Organization Supplies - This is a very broad choice, but no matter whether you go to the Container Store or Bed, Bath and Beyond, be sure to peruse the organization isle because you will need it! There are closet organizers, drawers for your supplies or for under the sink or on your desk. When in a dorm space is limited so you want to be sure o make as much out of the space you have as possible.